You have an existing app, or a great idea for a new app.

Do you have the resources to develop it for Dynamics 365?

You have the subject matter expertise to make a real difference in a specialized market, perfect to build a new app for Dynamics 365. Perhaps as an existing ISV partner, you already have a great add-on or vertical solution for a certain product, and you want to take your product to Dynamics 365.

Maybe you are new to the ISV partner channel, and you have a great idea for a new Dynamics 365 app. Either way, your expertise is purely functional, and you do not have the development team in place to execute on your design.

Cloud Ready Software has on-shore and near-shore development teams, in a timezone close enough to make real time collaboration possible during regular business hours, and at rates that can compete with most off-shore rates. They are trained and supervised by some of the most renowned professionals in our industry today, and they are ready to take the entire development process off your hands. You can leave the entire process up to us, or you can collaborate closely and be involved every step of the way.