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What we do

Maybe you have a great idea for an app but you need help doing the development. Maybe you have a fantastic team of developers who need some help learning about the latest technologies. Maybe you have all your technical ducks in a row but you could use some assistance with the marketing. We help you get your software ready for the cloud. 

As a certified Microsoft ISV Development Center, we are one of a very few number of companies that is in a unique position to help you as a Microsoft partner to get your idea converted into an actual app in AppSource. Cloud Ready Software has helped educate and prepare hundreds of ISV and VAR partners to get their organizations ready for the next move.

How we do it

We live on the cutting edge of technology in our corner of the industry. With our unique position as a Microsoft ISV Development Center, we are involved with many programs well ahead of the release dates, and often we collaborate with Microsoft to educate the partner channel.

Our management team all have been eager to get their hands on new technologies for decades, and they love sharing their knowledge with the broader community. It only seemed natural to put their heads together and form Cloud Ready Software. We’ve been educating people in our industry for years, and are in a fortunate position to be closely involved with Microsoft and other ISV Development Centers, and continue to help partners succeed in an ever changing market.

“Working together with Cloud Ready Software has made our move towards Microsoft AppSource a lot easier. CRS has analyzed our vertical and helped us step-by-step to overcome any issue.”

Joe Longo - COO at Velosio, USA

“The work that these guys have delivered was AWESOME! The resources that were on our project were top notch. We were able to accelerate the development and deployment of our D365 app due mainly to their help.”

Andrew King - CEO at Websan, Canada

“Working with Could Ready Software has enabled us to launch our first D365 app in a professional way. We’ve not only discussed coding details with them, but marketing, business case and how to make the user experience compelling.”

Alex Vandereycken - CEO at Scapta, Netherlands

“Cloud Ready Software has helped us create a registration experience that will make it easy for us to control a granular level of access to our app and make a variety of monetization methods possible.”

Dan Oughton - CTO at IndustryBuilt, Canada

“I would recommend CRS to any other partner, if they need a guidance for their first cloud project.”

Mark Stewart Pedersen - CEO at NaviPartner, Denmark

“Overall these guys are a class act and they thoroughly enjoy what they do.”

John Kleb - Partner at Sikich, USA

Gary Winter

Arend-Jan Kauffmann

Eric Wauters

Daniel Rimmelzwaan

Vjekoslav Babić

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