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Your Customers are Headed for the Cloud

Are you there to pick them up?

Have you got a great business case, but need help turning it into a compelling app? Do you have a traditional industry solution that you want to migrate to the cloud? Could your committed team of developers do with some extra boosting on cutting edge technology? Are you afraid of missing out on opportunities because your company structure and marketing approach need more than a facelift?

We’re there to help you get your team, your organization and your software ready for the cloud.

Product Manager

"We have compelling business cases and are thinking of bringing our IP to AppSource. We need to make all the right choices."

The future is at your fingertips. We can show you the way.
Head of IT

"Microsoft AppSource and their power stack seems to be an ideal way of adding value to our products. We need to figure out how to get started and re-org."

We lead you through the process. From red tape to execution.

"Technology is a means to an end. I want to focus on growing our business, increasing revenue and making our customers happy."

Focus on your business. Leave technology to us.
We bring people together

Our Services


You have the expertise to make a difference in an industry segment. We have the expertise to turn your know-how into an app. Or to migrate your app to the cloud.

Power Platform

The power of data and the power of integration. PowerBI, Power Apps and Microsoft Flow deep dive your data and help you to easily establish workflows and business processes.


AI, IoT, Cognitive Services. We’re glad to uncover the world of Azure Services and the Intelligent Edge to add exponential value to your offering.


Marketing is the new sales. Especially when it comes to cloud business. Let’s create an exciting user experience and a brilliant website. Turn your product into a lifestyle.

We love happy clients

What Our Clients Say

“The work that these guys have delivered was AWESOME! The resources that were on our project were top notch. We were able to accelerate the development and deployment of our D365 app due mainly to their help.”

– Andrew King, CEO at Websan, Canada

What Our Clients Say

“Working with Could Ready Software has enabled us to launch our first D365 app in a professional way. We’ve not only discussed coding details with them, but marketing, business case and how to make the user experience compelling.”

– Alex Vandereycken - CEO at Scapta, Netherlands

What Our Clients Say

“Cloud Ready Software has helped us create a registration experience that will make it easy for us to control a granular level of access to our app and make a variety of monetization methods possible.”

– Dan Oughton - CTO at IndustryBuilt, Canada

What Our Clients Say

“I would recommend CRS to any other partner, if they need a guidance for their first cloud project.”

– Mark Stewart Pedersen - CEO at NaviPartner, Denmark

What Our Clients Say

“Overall these guys are a class act and they thoroughly enjoy what they do.”

John Kleb - Partner at Sikich, USA

What Our Clients Say

“Working together with Cloud Ready Software has made our move towards Microsoft AppSource a lot easier. CRS has analyzed our vertical and helped us step-by-step to overcome any issue.”

– Joe Longo - COO at Velosio, USA

What Our Clients Say

“We have outsourced the development of a complete app for the very first time. We got what we’d been looking for, and kept our own team billable at the same time. We already have further projects and business ideas with Cloud Ready Software lined up.”

– Rene Santos – CEO at Performance Advantage Systems International, Philippines